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Training Academy

Almeyda Futbol Club


Call now to be put on the waiting list for the upcoming academy tryouts with Matias Almeyda!  JANUARY 12th, 2019!


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(ages from 4 to 18)


JANUARY 13th, 2019

Matias Almeyda

Founder of Almeyda FC

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This registration is for a parent or guardian to register their child to play/practice on our fields hourly.

Field Rentals

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The Matias Ameyda Training Center

The Matias Almeyda Training Center is a soccer program developed by our founder, Matias Almeyda. With his vast experience managing some of the top clubs in the world and coming from a youth development system himself, Matias has created a state of the art program to help develop soccer players. Almeyda personally selected the coaches for each program and keeps constant interaction with both players and coaches. At Almeyda Training Center , soccer players will have access to all the tools necessary to become a better athlete.

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